I’m a 30 something, rustbelt native, living between a cozy apartment in Brooklyn and a flower farm in Cleveland. I am happiest decorating my home for the holidays, baking a pumpkin pie from a squash I grew, or picking flowers from my garden to fill a new vase with. DIY projects and creative brainstorming with a friend inspire me to keep going and I want to share all of these talents with you.

In 2015 I created Wild Fox & Flower as a way to create a more boutique feel to my family’s farm. My main goal was to share the importance of buying local flowers and knowing your farmer. But as time went on, I started to out grow the Wild Fox & Flower brand. While my interests are rooted in agriculture with a DIY attititude, I didn’t want to be tied to only flowers. I decided to just be me and share my skills and a lifetime of farming experiences! My website is a place for everyone to find inspiration and ideas on your own, or contact me to work directly with you on a project.