starting your flower garden

I’m often told by friends and clients that they do not have a “green thumb”, which I think is funny because these same people often have house plants! Which are all the rage… and something I can NOT keep alive! I seriously try so hard. Turns out, flowers are just my thing.

I love flowers because they are so resilient. They grow in unexpected places, and come back to life after a rough winter. There’s a handful of flowers that I always suggest the beginning flower grower try because they are easy to start by seeds and they can be cut and continue to grow as the summer goes on. These are the perfect kind of flowers that could be grown in your yard to cut and arranged in a vase or wrapped into a housewarming bouquet.

These five flowers will provide a lovely variety for a home made arrangement. Just a few square feet of each flower and a sunflower plant or two will be more than enough to harvest each week for yourself for months!

  • zinnias

  • statice

  • snap dragons

  • branching sunflowers

  • cosmos

All of these flower have similar planting and care. If you would like to start your flowers early inside, I recommend starting with snap dragons and statice.

Once there is no fear for another frost, transplant your small snap dragon and statice plant babies outside. Don’t forget to mark each row. Statice and Snapdragons will grow and branch out, so they will need space. Give them about a foot between eachother.

Direct seed your zinnias and cosmos.

I do this by spreading the seeds then lightly raking over the seed I’ve thrown into the dirt. Water the seeds to help them settle in the soil. Mark each area with the type of flower you've planted. Its honestly that simple.

The hard part is when the weeds start appearing! We will get to that in a later post!